PV18 Dump from Seat Lawn Vacuum, Leaf Bagger

Protero Inc. Kubota ZD326 with PV18 Bagger. Protero Inc. John Deere Z840A, with PV18 Bagger.

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PV18 Dump from Seat Lawn Vacuum, Leaf Bagger



The PV18 Lawn Vacuum Catcher holds 14 1/2 bushels. The collection system offers efficient material reduction and high capacity. The wedge shape of the PV 18 only adds 20 inches of length to most mowers. The dump lever is easy to pull and gives a secure and positive spring-like feel when the door is latched and locked into place. The improved tubular frame offers increased strength for demanding conditions.

About The PV18 Lawn Vacuum:

The New 2009 - Redesigned blower

We redesigned the Universal Blower for the best combination of ruggedness, simplicity of maintenance, material reduction.

Our Universal Blower can be used on mowers with the deck size of 48" or larger.

The rugged all-steel Universal Blower quickly attaches and detaches at the side of the deck.

A belt driven system powers the heavy-duty steel fan creating a powerful vacuum, chopping up the material, and shooting it up to the catcher.

The blower is a vertical design adding only 12 inches to the width of the deck.

The new pulley system goes around the front of the blower. This change significantly increases belt life due to substancial heat reduction and increased fan speed.

The change to our blower cannister allows more material to go up the chute from the bottom of the blower. We also increased the output and hose size to a 7" diameter.

These changes reduce trailing, blow out issues and power drain from the engine of the mower.

Offer your customers the most efficient cleanup using the PV 18 with our ProRake!

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PV18 Lawn Vacuum Manuals - Click Here

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